Our Story

Our Story

The story of Smartstoy started when a loving mom discovered that her home is lacking fun and missing essential things that bring natural joy to kids. Kids would often mix and match their toys, arts and crafts supplies to make something completely different. They loved showing off their new creation while none of the stores bought toys or Science kit would make them as excited as their creations.

This inspired them as they decided to do some little research which leads them to curate and make some kits that excite kids while learning. Indeed, it is incredible how little things we do not count can turn our lives around and make it easier and happier. This has led to the creation of Smartstoy by the Mom + kids team which has since served as an avenue to share all the curated stem based toys products researched and design by these moms and kids at an affordable price.

We make STEM Fun and engaging


Safety First

Our Toys go through safety testing and are approved by Child Safety Regulation of USA

Unique Design

Our creative professional designers ensure various design are made available for this product in which the kind can be readily attracted to and in the end make them learn and have fun as the fall in love with it.

Innovative toy

Stem-based toys are innovative toys that blend art, science, and technology. We provide unique ones that help kids learn and have fun at the same time.